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SmartBits Stimulation for Babies is an early stimulation app for babies between 4 months and 6 years old based on the Doman’s Program of Encyclopedic Knowledge.

It uses «BITS of Intelligence» or «Information Cards», which are units of information in the form of precise, specific, clear, and innovative images for children. Each one shows a single element. BITS or Information Cards are categorized into groups according to subject.

SmartBits helps children to:

• Advance language skills.
• Learn new vocabulary.
• Develop visual and auditory capabilities.
• Improve attention and concentration.

SmartBits is a STIMULATION METHOD organized into sessions. The BITS are taught in full screen mode (visual stimulus) accompanied by an audio recording of the name of the element displayed (auditory stimulus).


• AUTOMATIC MODE. The image cards change automatically every 1.5 seconds. SmartBits adds new cards from time to time, removing the oldest from the relevant group. Once it has been displayed a sufficient number of times, the entire group is withdrawn. Adults should only be concerned with adding groups of cards to sessions when asked to do so by SmartBits.

• MANUAL MODE. The adult or child work manually through the BITS from the chosen group. In this mode, the cards can be used without automatic audio reproduction to improve the child’s verbal skill with the aid of an adult.

• LOOP MODE. This displays all the cards from all available categories in one on-going session.


• Creation of multiple users, so several children can use the program independently.
• Option to create two user profiles, one in each language, so a single child can use the program in both languages.
• Option to show or hide text shown in all modes of operation to encourage reading.
• User’s guide.
• Settings panel for SmartBits users.
• AUDIO RECORDING module to replace the card audio with new recordings in your own voice and/or recordings in another language. This module can be obtained from SmartBits.
• Child protection feature to prevent access to the internet.
• Suitable for children with special educational needs.